Railway embankment works

Central Line site visitJanet Whitehouse and I are trying to persuade Metronet to reduce the impact of the works they plan to do along the Central Line embankment. Many residents are understandably concerned about plans to remove trees and other vegetation from the railway line between Brook Road and Epping Station. It’s clear that the planned works will have a devastating effect on the outlook over the railway line, particularly from homes in Sunnyside Road and Crossing Road.

Along with town councillor Olive Dunseath we attended a meeting with residents and representatives of Metronet at Epping Hall in August. Metronet explained that London Underground needs to improve the stability of the embankments but we are concerned the construction works will be disruptive and the removal of the trees will spoil many residents’ outlook

Since the meeting we have been in regular contact with Metronet and met a represetative from Metronet and Murphys on site on 29 August. We are working with the district council’s tree officer, who has been particularly helpful and has suggested how Murphys could change working methods to save some of the trees near Brook Road. We are also pushing for a proper replanting scheme. We need them to do much better than they managed on the Sunnyside Road side of the embankment last time works took place.

Murphys were on site earlier this week doing some preparatory work.